Thursday, February 19, 2004

"It's like staying in a living Museum... it's incredible," Annette says. We're all enjoying our stay in the Montserrat monastery where there is a thousand years of history and traditions all about us. Here is a photo of where we are staying (the red arrows - middle left - point to our room)

We eat three meals a day with one of the monks who, unlike the rest of his order, is not under a vow of silence. His name is Salvador, he's 50-ish and gregarious, and has worked in the vatican and lived years in an ecumenical community in Bethlehem. He's got lot's of fascinating stories to tell, so meatime is like "story hour" where "Uncle Salvador" entertains us with accounts of intrigue and redemption.

The plans we are hashing out during our meetings here are going slow but going well. It looks like Annette and I will have quite a bit to do when we get back to Mexico... especially in the area of online training for youth workers. We're talking about a sort of "Internet based" leadership university. If you have an y contact who might be able to help us in this venture, please email us. We can't do this alone, it's a project big enough for many people.

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