Friday, February 20, 2004

We are in the Barcelona area for meetings with colleagues from Costa Rica, Columbia, Argentina and Spain. We are nearly all from different organizations but are voluntarily working together with the hope that this alliance will be allow us to have a greater impact on youth work in the Latin America. It doesn't hurt that we all get along and have a blast together. Which isn't that surprising since we are all youth leaders at heart - so basically fun and creativity are our staples :-)

The meetings are going well. We are planning conferences - one in Peru this summer, one in both the Dominican Republic and Honduras the summer of 2005. We are also discussing how best to distribute, coordinate and maintain quality control for the online "Foundations of Youth Ministry" course which Annette and I have been developing over the last year and a half (we still have another year of work on it to go).

But on to the FUN stuff... click here for a photo taken from the monastery where we are staying which is cradled up at the top of the Montserrat mountain outside of Barcelona. The city is somewhere under the clouds you will see in the photo. Incredible view, huh!

Once you've looked at the "heavenly clouds" photo above, take a look at this photo which shows you view from that outcropping back toward the monastery (we're in this one.)

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