Tuesday, March 9, 2004

6 = number of tacos i ate at Do�a Paz's fried taco place (it had been a long time, and they taste so good)
2 = number of dogs who were waiting for us, happily wagging their tails when we arrived at our home in Mexico
1,484 = pesos it cost us to clean our rugs, rooms and furniture after arriving home from 3 months of travel (that's about $134 dollars)
58,000 = number of people who used our spanish youth workers web site during the short month of February (71,400 in Nov'03, 59,954 in Dec'03, and 58,432 in Jan'04)
2,971 = number of emails i had waiting in the Inbox of our youth workers web site account (we get around 200/day)
Priceless = getting to sleep in your own bed after months of nearly constant travel

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