Saturday, March 27, 2004

"Ethnicity is now based more on language than on location."

This quote comes from Leonard Sweet in his book "Carpe Ma�ana". He bends the traditional understanding of the word "language" a bit. Read the following to get a feel for what he means:

English may be the new "lingua franca", but we all have local accents... some of these accents will be geographic -- slovakian, spanish, mississippian, minnesotan -- and some of these accent will be cultural... a hip-hop fan speaks a different language that a punk rocker, and art collector speaks a differenct language that a beany-baby collector. These languages of local accents will be the "lingua" of art, literature, sports, etc.

A gamer from Orlando, Florida will often speak a more common language with another gamer from Hong Kong or Buenos Aires than he will with his handycraft-making, Martha-Stewart mother.

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