Thursday, March 25, 2004

Oh the joys of Internet service in Mexico (read sarcasm).

Last Friday night our connection to the Web went out and didn't get fixed until today at noon. Six days of wrangling with the cable TV/Internet provider here in town. They told me they'd "monitor my connection" to see if it was working all right... that was on Monday. On Tuesday, they told me I'd have to come into their offices - which I did twice - to show them proof that we'd paid our bill. At their offices they said I'd paid and that they couldn't do anything about my connection but that I should call tech support. Of course, it was tech support that had sent me to the offices. I call tech support - without exaggerating - 80 times and no one answers their phones one minute and the next it rings busy -- *grrrrr* -- very frustrating.

After 4 days of them telling me they'd "monitor" my connection, that I must have changed some configuration on the computer, or to go into their offices to make sure I'd paid... I get a manager on the phone. This is the same manager who has not returned my calls for 4 days. The one who they tell me "is in a meeting right now" even though I can hear his voice in the background. So... this manager tells me that there is a problem with their system and that they've been working on it since "last Friday night". I almost loose it.

"Then why was I told that I was the only one with this problem? Why was I sent on wild goose chases to your offices, and told they'd monitor my connection if all along it was known that there was a problem on YOUR end?" I asked with as much self-restraint as I could muster. As if he hadn't been listening, the manager responded, "We'll take that into consideration, sir." ---- Huh?!

48 hours after that conversation, our Internet connection came back on. We are now happily connected to the world again :-)

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