Thursday, May 27, 2004

Arriving at the hot springs, we noticed that it had been built up considerably. There was now a 25 pesos fee to drive down into the canyon (see photo of that trecherous road below) and about 4 times more people in the water. Instead of 5 to 8 people like we'd encountered other times we'd made this trip, now there were around 30 -- it was like Ibiza or the Hamptons in August!

Apparently weekends are the hip time to do wash in Taxidho and some do it clothed and other... not so clothed. We hung out in the volcanic-heated waters for about 2 hours. From the constant stares, we deduced that Taxidho is pretty much a "locals only" spot. I'm thinking that my rapidly-burning, scottish-inherited, white-as-a-baby's-bottom skin gave me away as a non-local. Posted by Hello

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