Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hair Wads and Brownies

Today in the shower i noticed that the drain cover (metal grate thing to keep the soap or jewelry from going down the hole) had come loose, no longer held in place by the caulking. I lifted it up and - ugh - found tons of goopy hair gunk sticking to the underside. I cleaned it out, replaced the drain cover and left the little hair wad piled near the edge of the shower planning on throwing it into the trash once i was done cleaning my dirty little body.

But my nice warm shower plans were dashed when Annette came in, spied the offending hair mush pile, and cried "Yuck! What is that?! Throw it away, pleeeeeeaaase."

I told her i would as soon as i got out of the shower, but she said, "Can't you just throw it in the trash now? It looks like poo... it's so gross." I oh-so-dilicately suggested that she could just not look at it. But she responded, "But even if i don't see it, i'll know it's there... just like if there's a brownie in the house... it calls out to me even if i'm not looking at it!"

It was a hilarious response and good enough to get me out of the shower to throw away the wad of hair goop that instant. After all, I wouldn't want it haunting Annette :-)

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