Monday, June 7, 2004

Parentless Gringos Teaching Parenting Skills

Our local church asked us if we'd teach a parenting teens workshop (6 weeks worth!)

I'm not sure what they were thinking... consider this, we're two gringos with no kids and they want us to coach Mexican parents how to produce healthy happy teens?! I'm thinking the lead content our city's smog is having an effect on their cognitive abilities. Of course, it must be damaging our brains too because we accepted. Here are our topics (translated from Spanish):
Expectations, Goals and Dreams: the ultimate purpose of parenting
Metamorphosis - What Happened to My Sweet Little Kid?: understanding teens within the family
Time Bombs in the Home: how to avoid destructive family patterns
Chauffeur, Chef, ATM machine?: a parent's role in their teens life
The Plugged-in Generation: media and contemporary culture
Popcorn & Candy: how to have fun as a family
Last night we survived workshop #1. There were around 50 people. We had no idea how it went over - they were hard to read.

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