Tuesday, June 1, 2004

We've been working with youth in Mexico for 8 years. For the last 2 years, Veronica Dominguez (3rd from right) has taken over leadership of the local youth group that we helped lead. She has done a stellar job and the group has grown in maturity.

Today, she did something we never would have had the faith or guts to attempt - organize and lead a group of Mexican students on trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last September - with the help of those who support us financially - we sponsored Veronica's participation in an event called EJE in Argentina. She was so impacted by this retreat, that she wanted her "kids" (the youth group back in Mexico) to have the same experience... but that's next to impossible since most kids in that group come from middle class families whose monthly income adds up to less than the price of the plane fare to Buenos Aires which is around $700. But she took on the challenge, came home to Mexico, motivated the kids to consider it> She and the kids begged, borrowed and stole to raise the funds (actually no stealing was involved, but they "sold" lot's of their stuff). Only 9 months after returning with her dream, Veronica is taking 18 students down to Argentina to experience EJE for themselves.

In the process she help unite parents, kids, our community's leadership as they worked to pull off this trip. Veronica, and the team of people helping her, raised or are raising nearly $4000 dollars to help kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to go (this is a HUGE amount of money in our area). But possibly even more amazing, Veronica got a solid commitment from the folks in Argentina to send 15 of their EJE-trained people to Mexico next summer to organize the event here (together with the 18 kids from Mexico who participating in EJE in Argentina this week). It will be the first time a life-changing EJE event has happened on Mexican soil. Go, Vero, Go! Posted by Hello

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