Saturday, August 21, 2004

New Stuff Stories and Photos

Click here to read out latest stories
from August and - oddly enough - October 2004. Fun photos too.


Dennis said...

Tim...any reason October's newsletter is already out? Yes, I read your stuff.

mexikids said...

The reason our October stuff is - in some form - already published is because we are required by our sending agency to send them our monthly newsletters by the 27th of the month before the month in which that letter will be sent our to our mailing list. This Jenny, the newsletter lady, a month to layout and get all zillion letters sent on time to arrive by the first week of, in this case, October.

Since we leave Monday for Argentina (gone til the 15th of September) we have to get our letter text and photos in today or tomorrow, I just saved the Word document as a PDF and decided to put them up online. I didn't have the energy to put the September letter up as well (since i'd put up august, august highlights, and october).

So, there's the story.