Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Did I Just Sponsor a Skateboard Competition?

(click pic for big version)
Last week when Annette and I were out getting some exercise we happened upon a crowd of skaters (skateboarder) in our neighborhood. I immediately got excited, ask around for the organizers, and asked if they needed anything. They did. They said they needed a sponsor. So i ran home (literally) and got all my old skate paraphernalia: stickers, kneepads, and a few "rails" for doing tricks on...then drove back handed it all over to them thereby becoming this skate competition's sponsor :-)

Now, you may think this all sounds very odd, but you have to understand that 1) skateboards were a big part of my life from 11 to 29 years old, and 2) this is Mexico and sponsors don't always materialize, so you have to learn the art of improvisation. In the end, I also became their official photographer and made some new, young, punk skater friends...and that's not something you get to do every day. (if you're into skating, click here for more photos from the event) Posted by Hello


Dennis said...

Tim...that is AWESOME!!!! We had a ministry to skaters in Florida for 4 years or so. Everytime I see them, I am drawn to help them. I wish I could have been there with you. You're so lucky!!! Have a great Christmas in your "secret" destination.

timsamoff said...

Nice picture -- and nice kick flip. Ok, so that's cool. Thanks for the pics. :)