Saturday, February 19, 2005

MexiLinks and Pre-text

Annette and I each started a new blog today. Mine is called MexiLinks and is a space for pointing to services, stories, websites, events or other stuff that we found interesting and thought you might like knowing about. In other words: We Likey so maybe You Likey.

Annette's new blog is called Pre-text. The title comes from this quote, "A TEXT WITHOUT A CONTEXT IS A PRETEXT" It's a place where she'll publish quotes you can use as a pretext for thinking what you already think or as a precursor to reading the text in its full context or both.
To go to these new blogs, click here=> Pre-text or MexiLinks or find the appropriate links under Our Websites on the navigation bar (green strip) on the right-hand side of this may need to scroll down.

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