Sunday, February 13, 2005

Remember that BIG Youth Event

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Ever since the youth event EJE finished I�ve been meaning to write to let you know how it went. A ministry trip followed by house guests combined with exhaustion from all we�ve done the past two months have kept that note on my to-do list instead on this blog, till now. But I just spent the afternoon with Veronica, the youth leader at our church, and am so full of joy and gratitude for all that God is doing in and through EJE that I had to spill some of that out to you.

It feels like now is the moment in which so many things we�ve been working towards during the past 9 years are blossoming. It would take pages and pages to tell you everything that has happened; from the kids whose lives were impacted by experiencing or working the event, to the families who were able to reopen channels of communication with their kids, to the huge the shot in the arm this was to the youth ministry and leadership development in our local community, to the encouragement and invigoration of the leaders who came from St. Andrews in Buenos Aires. So instead, I�ll give you a few snapshots quotes to illustrate what went on:
"Seeing the success and impact of EJE I am challenged to go out on a limb and try big things." Israel Flores, pastor of San Pablo Church

"If we learned one thing we learned that God will provide the resources we need for what He wants to do." Youth Worker, Veronica Dominguez

"EJE had become pretty routine for us because we've done it so many times, but this EJE shook us out of that routine and brought us back to the essentials, to serving kids and to watching God work in their life. I know our next EJE won't be the same because of that." Pedro from Buenos Aires

A 15 year old who disappears for days in the drug-filled world of raves, said to her family, "Thank you for bringing me here. I love haven't lost me."

"I thought it was going to be really boring spending the weekend at the church. I really wanted to spend the time at the mall or doing something else but I am so glad I came." Jaime

Comments from more than one parent: "I don't know what you did with our kids, but they're so changed it's wonderful." "When is the next one so my other children can go?" "Can my son go through it again?"

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