Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just a Few More Days

Next week we begin our first ever drive toward the U.S./Mexico border. We will be saying goodbye to our beloved Mexico, but not until after one last hurrah at the U2 concert in Mexico City. Some friends here got us tickets and we have friends flying in from Guatemala and the United States to go to the concert with us. What a great way to end our time here!

If you're interested in our itinerary between the time we leave here and arrive there, click here for all the gory details.


Kat Haase said...

Wow. You guys are VERY busy. I prayed for your goodbyes and trip today.

I lit a candle of the virgin of Guadalupe for your trip as well

timsamoff said...

Good luck! Be safe.

Dennis said...

Sniff, sniff. We're gonna miss you here, even though we only got together like once a year. Have a safe trip.