Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Kids

People think we don't have any kids but we do...and all over the Americas. Here is the group of college students that get together every weekend at our apartment in Orlando (Annette in black at right - click image for biggie size).

The nice thing about these kids is we don't have to pay for their college tuition :-) Another great thing about them is that they make us feel liked. A month ago, we had just come back from a trip and they showed up and just hung out with us. This week they brought us a vase full of flowers. They even clean up after themselves. More reasons that we love youth work so much.
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On a completely different note, click here to take a look at the latest stuff that Annette has published on Pre-Text, her ideas blog. She's been doing research for her new book so if you read the more recent quotes you'll get a feel for the topic of the book.

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