Monday, March 5, 2007

Full House | Full Life

The last 10 days have been full, chock-full, of airport runs and welcoming hugs, of incredible conversations and heart-warming laughter, of suitcase packing and long goodbyes. For the first time in our year in the U.S. we filled every one of the 4 bedrooms and 6 beds here at the fantabulous apartment that has been loaned to us.

If you're the don't tell me, show me type then take a look at the latest photos in our 2007 - A Year in the Making series (click a photo if you want to read its caption).


Dan said...

ahh, alas...this morning I woke and there was no coffee and fruit good to be with you guys!

Mark said...


I loved catching up with you guys through your blog. I didn't realize that you were in the US. Of course, it seems that you might be heading back out soon. I'll try to keep in touch better. I have a blog as well that I post to infrequently about mostly work stuff, but occasionally family stuff.

Take care,
Mark Veerman