Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chile & Argentina in Photos & Words

I know you love slideshows... you just can't get enough of those captioned photos of our life. So click here or on the photo above to see our latest creation.

Okay, so maybe you hate them - like our friend, Terence - but we'll never know, so next time we see you just fake like you viewed them.

Hints to help you act like you saw them: there are 31 photos; most of them from our time in Argentina and Chile at the National Youth Leaders Convention, a couple from the air over the snow-capped Andes mountains; a few from surprise birthday parties thrown for Annette (at one she had to eat her cake under the table); and one of me running through freezing cold downtown Santiago de Chile in nothing but an umbrella, a wooden barrel, flip-flops and with hundreds of youth leaders chasing me.

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