Saturday, January 26, 2008

"I feel liberated"

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Instead of telling what we thought about Roots "experiential learning" conference in Costa Rica, we'll let you read some of the feedback from the participants (translated from Spanish):
  • This has been an experience of spiritual refreshment, where I could rest and work through some issues that have been affecting my life. It renewed my vision and gave me new energy.

  • Completely exceeded my expectations! It was a unique experience in my career of faith and ministry. I felt accompanied, motivated and valued as I learned from and enjoyed each activity. What I think is most valuable is that all this wasn't manufactured as part of the program, but was made possible through the atmosphere of authenticity of each team member and the nature of Christ formed in them. Thank you for being models worthy of following.

  • This experience has affected me so much that I can't even begin to imagine the impact it will have. Being here was an oasis. My vision has broadened thanks to what we did "building knowledge together," hearing other's testimonies and life experiences, and making new friends.

  • This was a simple experience, in the sense that it was how I imagine Jesus ministering in the everyday, yet it was profound. It has allowed me to reassess some paradigms that have governed my life and ministry. I feel liberated and empowered to continue to serve as a tool in God's hands for the salvation of our world.

  • I am leaving with the commitment (and prayer) to understand, internalize, live and share the following: to raise up leadership who understand the full orbed implications of salvation and model holistic spirituality which leads them to implement holistic discipleship, for the glory of God.

  • Everything was excellent! I want you to know that washing the tired feet of these youth leaders will have repercussions on work with youth around the world.

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