Tuesday, September 21, 2010

43 Days and 43 Nights

Our smiles in these pictures reflect how we feel about what's been keeping us occupied for the last 43 days since we published our last blog post. Here's a few of the things that have filled those days and nights:
  • Involvement in 4 training events for youth leaders (3 in Argentina and 1 in Paraguay)
  • Trying to finish up a 2 year project to update our ParaLideres.org website (5000+ visitors/day)
  • Participating in a convention with 3500 youth leaders from around Latin America
  • Writing and publishing articles, blogs and online courses
  • Grading and giving feedback on student projects
  • Mentoring, counseling and praying for our apprentices (67 of them, representing 12 countries)
  • Hosting international colleagues who come to teach at the EJ youth leadership institute

Spring Forward

Today is the first day of Spring for the southern hemisphere. It's also "Students Day" which means no classes (well, no classes for most schools, but not ours... it's like the Energizer bunny, it's keeps on going).