Thursday, April 4, 2013

Unexpected Feedback

Was the youth leadership institute useful to you?
This was one of the questions we asked some of the Instituto Especialidades Juveniles graduates and professors. Here's a bit of their feedback:

Annette says that Mauricio is one of the best writers
and thinkers to come through the institute
Mauricio Constantino: Chiapas, México
I have grown in every area of my life as a result of my time at the E.J. Institute but if I had to highlight one thing it would be the project-based learning. This has fostered a wide variety of positive habits and is the thing I have most incorporated into my way of doing youth ministry as it has provided me with the opportunity to reflect, investigate, analyze, project, execute and evaluate what youth groups need. The courses included in the degree plan have all improved my ministry as they give me a holistic view of youth culture and help me engage with it better.

Ricardo y Jimena González: Santiago, Chile
The experience-based learning alone is worth the investment. Above and beyond the information we’ve gained, the experiences in life and ministry that we share with our fellow students by helping each other are priceless. Furthermore, knowledge and the years of ministry and life experience of our professors further enriched our stay in E.J. Institute. Now our big beautiful challenge is to transmit this experience to the young people we work with. 

Gustavo Pavón: Buenos Aires, Argentina
I can describe the E.J. Institute in five words: excellence, projects, friendship, commitment and guidance. There is no amount of money which can buy the times shared in class and the relationships forged with my fellow students and professors.
Sofía Hernández: Toluca, México
The IEJ wasn’t what I expected. It exceeded my expectations in every area:  classes, teachers, community, activities, and friendships. Every single thing is part of an amazing community with the beautiful desire of transmitting the love and grace of God to the lives of young people. Today I can see in our youth groups how this involvement in the lives of teenagers makes a huge difference, inspiring them to get closer to God in a free and confident way.

Gisela Noemí Rodríguez: Mendoza, Argentina
Far beyond professors or classmates, at the E.J. Institute I met friends, people who love me, value me and take for me. It is not a mere intellectual training, but training for life.

Marcelo Gallardo: Audiovisual Engineer, entrepreneur, artist, specialist in new media and applied technology, and volunteer youth worker. Professor of Media & Design.
I love helping youth leaders improve their work and the EJ Institute focuses on the deep aspects of youth work, not on the superficial elements. Since I also work with teenagers,  the learning that goes on in the classroom is not limited to the students… I learn a lot from them. 

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