Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Have Haitian Roots

Over the years people have asked us if we have plans to translate the Raices (Roots) textbook for youth ministry into other languages, like English (so they could use it in India and Africa) or Portuguese for the 192 million Brazilians who share the continent. So far no one has been interested enough to translate 350 pages but we created a graphic alternative: almost 200 clip art images that illustrate the main points of the book.

A month ago a friend and colleague told us he wanted to use the principles of Raices to train youth leaders during an upcoming trip to Haiti. We explained the idea behind the clip art and yesterday we got an email from him which included a handout for his training sessions which includes our illustrations with Creole subtitles.

We’re thrilled that we can help train leaders in Haiti and that what we’ve invested in is continuing to produce dividends worldwide… we thought you might be too.