Friday, December 31, 2010

Sledding during Summer Vacation

No sooner did classes get out at the EJ Institute than we took advantage of the school’s summer vacation to head north for Christmas. Over the years we’ve learned that the holidays are a good time to visit the US because 1) nothing much happens in our work during that time because everyone is busy with other things and 2) back home we can see a lot of friends and family in a short time. Oh and 3) we like being home for the holidays.   

The 90 degree weather in Buenos Aires made it hard to pack for 30 degree weather on Lookout Mountain, TN but the warm welcome we’ve received - and some Goodhew socks - have gotten us though.

So far the highlight of our trip has been the 6 inches of fluffy snow that came down all Christmas morning. It was not only beautiful but brought us some visitors (see Mr. and Mrs. Snowman) and provided hours of fun for Tim and our nephews.

Hot or cold…we hope your Christmas was wonderful