Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's day 2 of forced bachelorhood and i'm a bit bleary - didn't got to bed till nearly 3 a.m. I can never sleep when Annette's away.

When I checked email this morning, Annette had written me a nice note expressing how good it was that she'd made this trip and thanking me for giving her up for 2 weeks. Here's a sample of what she said:

Daddy was so happy to see me....Yesterday we just talked and talked.
Bethel Ann
[Annette's sister] called several times but we're keeping my visit a secret [for when Bethel Ann is in Wichita for her birthday] so it was fun to all be tiptoeing around when mom and dad were on the phone with her.

This morning, i SO could have kept sleeping but i saw that it was
quarter to 8:00 so i went down to see Daddy before he went off to work and wish him a happy birthday.... we sat at the table and talked.
It's like one last taste of life here.

[Annette's parents are moving after 35 years in the same home]
Thanks for letting me have this chance.

Sounds like my sacrifice isn't in vain :-)

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