Monday, September 29, 2003

Annette flew home to her parents house today :-(

No... she didn't get fed up with my pathetic jokes and walk out, nor was their a family emergency. Actually, it's a surprise for her father's birthday (Sept. 30th) and for her sister's birthday. She should be arriving in Wichita in two hours and only her mother knows - it's kind of her mom's birthday gift to the others.

Of course, this all means that i'm stuck here in Toluca, Mexico all alone (and everyone says... aaaawww, poor Tim). It's only the second time in 12 years of marriage that we've been apart more than 5 days. I'm not really 100% me without her... i don't eat well, don't sleep much, and i bathe and shave less (who's going to mind if my face is fuzzy and pokey).

I guess it's pretty obvious why these are going to be 2 pathetic weeks in the life of me. Check back regularly to read to saga of "Tim the Reluctant Bachelor"

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