Thursday, February 26, 2004

We must have walked 30 kilometers (18 miles) yesterday. Barcelona is chocked full of wonderful art and architecture... Gaud�, Picaso, Dal�.

There's so much to see, but so little to eat! Tapas bars are everywhere, but since the menus are in Catalan and not Spanish it's hard to know what you are looking at. I saw one menu that had "Olivas i sardinas" for 2.95 euros. Let me translate that for you... Olives stuffed with a bit of sardine for around $3.80 dollars. There were like 5 olives on the plate. Searching the tiny alley streets of the medieval barrio for food made up about 20 of the 30 km. we walked - but hey, if you have to forage for food, at least Barcelona is a nice place to be hungry in :-)

We almost broke down and ate McDonalds. That would have been breaking one of our cardinal travel rules... but hunger does crazy things to one's mind. Thanks to Annette and a promotional coupon she found, we avoided the tourist shame of McDonalds and dined on Baguettes filled with warm cheeses and slices of "jam�n serrano" (prosciutto) with a side of french fries. Pretty adventurous, huh.

We ended the day at a neat museum with a free Salvador Dal� exhibit (something free - at last!) The coolest thing was the architecture of the building called the "Caixa Catalunya". It had little lights all over that place - floors, walls, ceilings - and they changed colors and intensity. Very fun. We figured out how to use the little remote control that came with our digital camera and so were able to take this picture of the two of us at the museum {click to view photo)

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