Tuesday, June 15, 2004

They absolutely LOVED it

The first group of students just came back from Argentina. I picked them up at the Mexico City airport last night and they couldn't stop gushing about their time at EJE (see two articles down or click here).

On the way home from the airport they answered my questions, like:
Q: what was you favorite meal
A: argentine beef was mentioned by all, rizotto and alfajores got honorable mention

Q: What did you most enjoy about your time in Buenos Aires
A: everyone was overwhelmed with what they experienced during the EJE retreat, but more than one mentioned that it was great getting to know Argentines and experiencing all the cultural differences
(on a side note: Annette and I just received confirmation from friends in the U.S. that they will be heading to Argentina with us in late-August for some strategic meetings and succulent beef!)

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