Sunday, November 21, 2004

Full Days

So this is how our days have been lately: Tuesday, after a sleepless night of trying to cure our houseguest, Evan, of bad-Mexican-food-itis, I get up and turned 40...12 midnight the same day Cameron, a graphic designer from Colorado, arrived from headquarters to help us design the 500 page youth ministry textbook and related CD that Annette and I have been working on...Saturday 4 a.m I take Cameron to the airport (they tell him his flight is cancelled and stick him on an alternative route going thru L.A. and getting home 7 hours later than expected)...Saturday evening, Evan (our other house guest) moves back in and then decides Mexico is not the place for him and makes plans with American Airlines to fly home on Monday... two other friends and colleagues, Kory and Laura Eller from Guatemala, arrive in Mexico on Sunday and we have lunch together and show them around our town...Sunday night Evan calls American Airlines to confirm his Monday morning flight and they tell him "We thought you said Tuesday morning" (he corrects them and they change his flight to Monday after all)...Monday morning we get up at 6 a.m. and take Evan to the airport bus station...Monday evening we take the Ellers (our friends from Guatemala) to the Mexico City airport to fly home...on the way we pick up our Mexican pastor friend and take him to the airport with us where we meet up with an old college friend, Andrew Barton, who has flown down to Mexico to meet us and the pastor...Monday night (late) we get home exhausted...we collapse into bed and lay there thinking, "At least life isn't boring!" :-D

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Scott&Mx said...

Now that is CRAZZZZYYYY! That tops all the travels you guys have done this whole year! May your batteries be flat for a whole week so you can not do anything but REST.