Monday, April 4, 2005

home away from home

It has gotten so leaving home feels almost as homey as being home. We’ve figured out all kinds of things that make traveling smoother and less stressful. We call the taxi 5 minutes before it is supposed to arrive to make sure he’s not lost in the neighborhood (our street has no signage); we pack an eye-cover and mellow music to block out the movie on the early morning bus into the airport; we only take carry on bags so we don’t have to worry about losing something or having to wait for it (after living out of one bag for 5 weeks and 4 continents over Christmas, it would seem extravagant to pack more than that for 5 weeks on just two continents.)

But there are still surprises—like the American Airlines counter having been moved from the first to the second floor in the Mexico City airport—and things that remind us to enjoy the journey, like being able to see the tips of the 1st, 2nd & 3d highest peaks above the “haze” (as calls it) as we flew out of Mexico. As we were enjoying the view Popocatapetl (Volcano # 2) let out a small puff…

So we’re off again. Our first stop is Colorado Springs where we’ll be meeting with the design team who is turning the 500 page youth ministry manual into a digital format: both for a CD so it can be together with the digital classes we’ve been creating and “ready to print” so the books can be printed anywhere in the world, as opposed to having to be shipped from Spain where they have been published until now. Then we’re off to Estes Park for an OC “Triennial Leadership Conference.” It sounds a bit too important for us to be invited but I’m sure the views will be great and it will be nice to be somewhere where we bring down the average age for a change. : )

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