Thursday, April 28, 2005

hours and hours and hours

We left Lookout Mt., TN Wednesday morning at 7.30 am and walked into the Buenos Aires airport at 12.30 mid'day Thursday. You might be able to figure out how many hours we were traveling (the time changes always confuse me) but it was long enough.

En route we had a few hours with Nahum in the Mexico City airport to catch up on his life and happenings in Toluca. Another highlight of the trip was the vista as we flew out of the valley of Santiago, Chile towards Argentina. As I looked down on the snow-capped Andes stretching away till they were lost in the clouds, I was reminded of the priviledge it is to just be up in an airplane since for most of human history people have drempt of being able to fly, to see their towns from the air, to be close to the clouds, not to mention to drink in the splendor of an endless panorama of magnificent mountains.

Our few days here in Argentina are already packed, the good kind of packed which includes catching up with co-workers, getting together with dear friends and helping out with the Eje youth event.
But first we took a nap.

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Dennis said...

Hey guys...didn't know if you got the news that our baby arrived on April 25 here in Florida. Hope you're doing well...sounds like you're busy (as usual).