Thursday, May 12, 2005

Better Than a Chiropractor

Mom, Dad, me and steak on the grill

My parents just just sent me this amazing story from their trip to Eastern Europe where they were visiting colleagues who train pastors and other leaders all over the world with a group called BEE (Biblical Education by Extension). Mom and Dad are counselors/pastors to BEE staff members. Here's Mom's account of what happened:
A week before our trip, I had bad back pain. An MRI showed a bulging disk, one disc senosis and a deteriorating disk. The doctor prescribed pregnasone, which helped with the pain so Dad and I left for Europe.

We had a great flight and I had no problems. The first night in Prague I awoke at 3:00 in the morning with jet lag. I leaned over to look at the clock and pop went the back and I couldn't move. I had to wake Dad and say, "Can can you help me get down to a chair?" My whole hip area on both sides was tightening up and I was could not move without pain. I thought, "Oh no! We still have a whole month to go...can we continue the trip?"

In the morning Dad had a meeting and I didn't want to be left upstairs all alone, so I got dressed very, very carefully made my way to the elevator and down to the first floor. The one thing I could do without pain was sit in a straight back chair.

Three girls from the BEE office staff heard about my dilemma and came to see me. They said "We are going to pray for you for healing." Now I believe God can heal, but would He? As they prayed I felt a total relaxing sensation from the waist down.

A few minutes later I gingerly lifted myself out of the chair to make my way to the was then that I realized all the pain was gone and I could walk naturally. A month later and I have not had any more back pain. Thank you God.

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