Friday, July 22, 2005

Faith Like a Child

(Susan, Caleb and Hill Davis - Dec. 2003)
Here's a classic faith like a child story which just happened to our friends, Susan and Hill Davis. Susan writes:
During the boys naptime, Hill fixed his hobie catsail boat and took it out for a sail. When the boys woke up, he was trying to get back to the dock, but there was no wind so he was kind of stuck. so i was out on the dock with the kids trying to explain to Caleb the principles of sailing and how you needed wind. Then i just said, "Let's ask Jesus for some wind." We said a simple prayer and, i kid you not, the wind started to pick up before i finished the prayer! "You see how Jesus answered our prayers, i said?" Caleb thought that was neat and when we went to get Daddy, Caleb said, "We prayed for you daddy!" Anyway, teachable moments and reminders that God wants the little ones to know He is there and He hears.

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