Sunday, April 2, 2006

Just One Day

We've been back in the U.S. a month and wanted to give you a peek into what's up. So here's an excerpt from a day in the life story that Annette wrote:
We woke up early, as we do every morning in Florida, with sunlight flooding our bedroom. After a bowl of cereal we set out on our morning jog. Today it ended up being six miles. Back in Mexico, my long runs weren’t quite that long, but since we were running around a lake here there were no shortcuts home, and unlike Mexico there are no taxis to jump in if you decide you’d rather get home sooner than later. We had just walked back into the house when the phone rang...[click here to read more]

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Spike said...

Too often I am faced with the answer to the Annette's point or query, "Why, as American Christians, do we think the government needs to help those [fill in the group] people, instead of the church or we need to help those people."

The answer in my heart and mind is, the cost of getting involved, getting truly involved (not the handout for lunch which is merely a start), is simply too high. It really will financially bankrupt you. You won't be able to save for kids' college or pay the mortgage or pay for life insurance ... all of which are "good things" that responsible Christian parents do. In the end, I'm afraid my faith, like many others, is anemic at best.