Monday, July 10, 2006

A Cute Herd of Turtles

The photo above is of Annette pushing our triplet nephews and niece, followed by her sister holding hands with our 3 year old nephew George, followed by Hermione the dog and Saint Diane the nanny.

As you can imagine with a group of this complexity, going anywhere is an event...Do we have diapers? Enough water to maintain proper hydration? Baby wipes? Insect repellent? Umbrellas for all? Snake bite kit? Life raft?
As the father this non-standard family says, "It's as speedy as a herd of turtles in a sea of peanut butter."

We're back from our trip up the east coast to deliver a much needed minivan to the group above. With 4 children in carseats, if the family wanted to go anywhere, they had to take two cars. But now, for the first time since the triplets arrived home, the whole family will fit in one vehicle.

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