Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Encouraged but Flightless in Chile

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One of the most encouraging things here in Chile at the national Youth Dimensions convention has been hearing youth leaders we helped train in the past leading seminars. It's just plain fun to hear them say thing we had a part in teaching them and see how they have adapted and improved on the original content.

Our two seminars received good evaluations but it's impossible to tell what kind of lasting impact an hour long session will have in the lives of the participants. I guess that's where your prayers come in.

Speaking of prayer, our flight from Santiago to Cochabamba, Bolivia on Thursday has been cancelled, so the four of us who need to be giving workshops in a camp for youth leaders have no way to arrive. We're exploring all options possible as I write. We would love something in the price range we had budged for, especially since we have committed to buy the ticket for Miguel Faundez, the guy who is being groomed to be the next national director of Chile's youth ministry network, who isn't just speaking at the camp but also needs to be at a meeting in Bolivia of national youth ministry leaders for the entire Andean region. We'll keep you posted.
[Note: when travelling in Bolivia don't madden these people]

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