Monday, February 12, 2007

We Need Your Help

Tuesday and Wednesday we will be in meetings that - depending on their outcome - will determine how and where we will be working during the next years. Obviously the next 48 hours are significant. For this reason, it would mean a lot if you would pray for us.

I can't give you many details yet because the project we're being invited to be a part of has not been publicly announced yet. But I can say that it has to do with a strategy for in-depth training of youth leaders in Latin America. Sounds right up our alley, doesn't it?

As soon as we know anything, we'll let you know... but feel free to remind us in case we forget ;-)


Scott&Mx said...


dennis said...

Yes...we're praying, too. Sounds like a GREAT project.

terencio said...

A R G E N T I N A (buenos Aires, just in case you are thinking of another province), is in South America. It is THE oportunity. We are all waiting here for you, the asado is getting cold! ;)

Hope for nyakach orphans. said...

Hi nice blog and may God bless you for what you are doing.