Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What we've seen of Guatemala so far

Since we flew in on Sunday we've spent nearly all of our time in meetings - but they're more exciting than you might think since the plans for the youth ministry institutes are really starting to take shape. The first classes won't be held till 2009 but there is a staggering amount of work our small team has to do before then. This week we've worked together well and have made significant progess in the some key areas.

One of the meetings was with a seminary president, who told us that our team's plan is an answer to prayer because his school knows that there needs to be formal training for youth leaders but they don't have the experience or the qualified staff to provide it. Our team has both.

So even though we haven't, and won't, see much of the beauty of this country (we fly home Thursday) we will return home more deeply joined to its people and their future than we were this time last week.

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dennis said...

Hey guys..i'm so excited about what's happening. this stuff is what we are working towards. i'd love to see you sometime in december or january while we're in FL again. keep in touch.