Monday, February 6, 2012

Insider Trading

In ministry, unlike in the stock market, past performance is a very good indicator of future performance.
We’ve known the Stiff family for the past decade. During that time we’ve worked and played with them on three continents, we’ve shared joys and sorrows, we’ve seen their ups and downs… and we want you to know that they’re the real deal. In fact, we’re so excited about their new work in Southern Spain that we’re going to be supporting them ourselves.
Here are some of the reasons they’re a great investment:
  1. They love God and love others well.
  2. They have proven themselves adept at cross-cultural living.
  3. They already know the language.
  4. They have been involved in the Latin American mission’s mobilization movement for a decade.
  5. Their gifts and passions are well suited for their upcoming roles.
  6. Their ministry will have exponential impact.
So, if you want to invest in something that we believe will yield returns, we recommend Kyle and Nell Stiff. For more info about them, you can click here to s
ee their blog (

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