Friday, December 14, 2012

Outcomes 2012

For those who just want the bottom line - no emotional stories, no smiling faces - the following tells what we were a part of during 2012.
click image to BIGGIE-size it
The infographic above should give you a idea of the keys areas of our involvement and impact. Not reflected are some extra projects that your donations have allowed us to fund, for example:
  • Partial salary for a director of an online youth ministry school
  • Scholarships for 2 students at the EJ Institute in Buenos Aires
  • Scholarships for 47 youth workers and pastors to attend Life-on-Life training events
  • Scholarships for 17 Colombian missionaries to get coaching skills training
  • Hundreds of hours of web programming and design that allowed us to finished the new version of the website and blog making it easier for youth workers to find what they need among the tens of thousands of resources.


dthaase said...

yup ~ that graphic is incredible!

tim gulick said...

I have to give credit - and a big thanks - to Eric Linares (, who transformed a dull annual report into a creative, colorful infographic!

Cesloq said...

Thank you for invest your Life in others :)