Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upstairs, Downstairs

Our current office (aka: the guest bedroom)
In case you’re wondering what we’re up to, our life is pretty routine. Here’s a glimpse of the excitement of it all.
Get up. Go downstairs.

     Have breakfast, coffee and prayer with Roger and Joy (Tim’s parents)

Go upstairs to our “office.”


Go downstairs to make:

     Tea, lunch, coffee, dinner.

Go upstairs.


Go to bed to do it all again the next day.
Sometimes we even go outside but our range of activities stays pretty narrow then too. We hike or run or have a meal with friends or worship with Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church.

Dinner with Kara and Xavier
(He did the programming for website for 10 years)
This narrow scope of activities is exactly what we need right now. From late May 2012 till after New Year’s our calendar had been so full of training events around Latin America and Spain that we hadn't been able to make much progress on some of our other objectives like the teaching videos that were filmed in July and October, writing the curriculum that will accompany those videos, developing the courses we teach at the youth leadership institute, coaching and mentoring over Skype, and guiding the design process of the Agape-Spain conference we’ll be facilitating in April.

weekly Skype mtgs with colleagues in Spain
We have four more weeks before we start traveling again. In mid-February we go back to Argentina to teach for a trimester, in the middle of which we go to Spain for the Agape conference. Before then we need to have the videos and the curriculum ready to go... a tall order, especially the 10 week curriculum. But our local church in Argentina is going to be using it in their small groups come March so ... upstairs....

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