Saturday, February 27, 2010


Annette leading the Orientation for new apprentices
("apprentice" is the Institute's term for "student")
This is the third quarter of classes, and though the student body
has grown by around 40% each new quarter, there continues
be a great atmosphere of camaraderie and enthusiasm.

Within the last few month we received a significant donation from
someone within Argentina, this was nearly matched by two other
donors in the U.S.. This has allowed us to hire 3 desperately
needed staff and should float us until late this year when
we the institute should be econimically self-sufficient.
Thank you, God!

Here are a few of the old and new apprentices at the Argentina campus
of the "Instituto Especialidades Juveniles". They come from 6 foreign
countries - Argentina, Peru, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile,
Ecuador - as well as many provinces within Argentina

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