Friday, July 13, 2012

Why We're Back in Mexico

When we lived in Mexico we got together with Veronica every Thursday, sometimes over pizza with the whole team who worked with us on the web site, sometimes to work on plan for Sunday’s “youth church” meeting, and sometimes just to catch up over a cup of tea. Then we left Mexico and we didn’t see each other for two years until she attended the Roots level three training event in Costa Rica (Level one is basic principles for youth work; level two is how to train others in those principles; level three combines a look at "new challenges in youth work" with personalized mentoring for people who have proven faithful with the first two levels). 

The first night in Costa Rica as she introduced herself to the group she broke down and cried inconsolably. She was tired, discouraged, disheartened. She had a vocation to work with teenagers but was burned out and ready to quit.  At the end of the ten day event she was refreshed and recharged. Four years later she is still working with teenagers and is a role model for others in youth ministry in Mexico. 
A happy reunion with old friends on our first day back in Mexico
This July, Veronica, together with a team that includes her husband, Diego, has organizing a Roots III in Mexico and we’ll be facilitators. So for the first time since we moved out of Toluca in 2006 we’re back in MexicoWe’re enjoying seeing old friends and eating great food: pozole, tacos, hand-made corn tortillas… the list goes on.  
Ruben & Sylvia and their little girl, Keyla
We’re excited about the event, which we will lead with Ruben and Sylvia, colleagues from Seville, Spain. Experience has taught us that events like this are high impact and therefore incur increased “resistance” so we would love your prayers to accompany ours for: the participants, the logistics (both for the event and for our visit), the team (sensitivity to God’s spirit as we prepare and lead the sessions and mentor the participants), as well as for safety and health.

You may be aware that violence is rampant these days in Mexico and our bodies are no longer accustomed to the altitude or the food. We would love for ourselves and our colleagues to be protected from these issues so we can be freed up to enjoy and accomplish what we think we’re there for. (Though we know God may have other things in store for us). Thank you!


minnemie said...

Happy "home"-coming of sorts:-) Will pray...

JamesRock7 said...

¿Cómo les fue con todo esto?

Saludos y bendiciones :)

Unknown said...

We just returned from our time in Mexico. It was a worthwhile two weeks. Our Raices: Escuela Vivencial training with 19 youth ministers and pastors went well, and from their enthusiastic feedback it was useful to them.

An added bonus was that we got to spend time with two Mexican graduates from the Buenos Aires youth ministry Institute while there. That was great.