Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 Years!?

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10 years ago we drove out of Mexico.
Our emotions fluctuated from anxious to exuberant to sad and then hopeful.
There were a dozen or so "midwives" who helped pass into the "next life" (you can see them in the photos and read about the adventures here: blog_archives/early2006)
Our adopted country had molded us into hybrid creatures. It was as if the decade in Mexico had made one of our eyes see things the Mexican way, but one still viewed the world with USA eyes. Once transformed, you can't change back completely.
That change has allowed us to stay flexible - no home base, no car, one suitcase - and made us useful to specific cross-cultural projects. It has not been boring :-)
As I was digging back into our blog posts from 10 years ago, I came across a list we wrote entitled - 10 Things We'll Miss, and Won't Miss, about Mexico - and thought you might enjoy it (click here to see it:

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Guillermo Bernáldez F said...

It feels as if it had been yesterday, and we look as if it had been last week :)